Sustainability Meets Fashion

At Karishma Kajaria we believe in sustainable fashion, we believe in zero waste low impact, natural clothes, that last. Our backbone in well intentioned, well made basics that will be a building block for your long term wardrobe. We use intentional textiles and designs to achieve our goal.


Organic Cotton

We source organic cotton from a textile manufacturer in Chennai. Did you know, most of the cotton fabric available in the market and the stores are actually a cotton-viscose blend (even when they say they are a 100% cotton)? Believe it or not, finding 100% cotton was the toughest part of our sourcing process.



We use a 100% pure silk and silk satin in our pieces. While looking at silk alternatives and ahimsa silk and more, we realised that ahimsa silk was actually a by-product of a famous North Indian delicacy- Boiled silk worms. Most silk alternatives use a lot of chemicals to be manufactured, and are not as suitable for clothing as the traditional alternative.



Sourced locally from Calcutta, we use Linen in the form of a satin weave, giving the traditional natural, organic fabric a sheen and some polish. Not going to lie, it is our founder's favourite find of the lot, and the smoothest linen you would ever feel.