About Us

Our Story Starts Here

Our journey started when our founder, Karishma, was shopping for sustainable clothes in India that looked luxe and could rival international brands. Coming up with very few options, Karishma saw a gap in the market and decided to remedy it, thinking if she was facing this issue, there surely must be more conscious minded shoppers looking for similar products.

Meet our Founder

After studying from prestegious colleges like NIFT, and London College of Fashion, our founder Karishma went on to explore ceramics through her first brainchild - Nitara. Although she loved ceramics, the penultimate dream was to have a lifestyle and a fashion brand. And so Karishma Kajaria, her eponymous brand was formed. Emulating values that she believes in and reflecting her aesthetics in life, she has created a brand that is a mirror of her true self.

Who made your clothes?

As consumers we have an obligation to consider the impact of our choices on our fellow people and on the planet. This results in an intentional approach to clothing, where every piece is seen not as another item in our wardrobe, but as a piece of art that is valued by us, and is valued by the people who make it. This results in garments of the highest quality with accountability and traceability - from the raw material to its final product, and the people behind the process.

So come, say hi to the hands and faces behind each handcrafted piece at Nitara.

Meet our

Head Pattern Master

With over 25 years of experience, Mr. Mujibor, our master first started as a tailor in the field of fashion. Over the years, he got interested in the pattern making aspect of creation, and honed his skills in the field. He is the man behind every pattern, and each sample created.

P.S. He is also the person who helped us set up a functioning studio.

Meet our


Our first tailor Ahemadulla takes pride in his work. He is his harshest critique and only the best work will do for him. He has been in the fashion industry for over 10 years, and is a quiet powerhouse here in our studio.

MEET our


An 18 year old hustler, Sahil juggles his school and the internship to learn about tailoring and to figure out his passion. He hopes to some day become a fashion designer.

He helps with our hand finishing, and is trying his hand in sampling zero waste textile.