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Elevated Classics

Classics are classics for a reason, we agree, but we also love to challenge the norm. Resulting in updated, elevated, unique - Classics.

Demi Top

Who made my clothes?

As consumers we have an obligation to consider the impact of our choices on our fellow people and on the planet. This results in an intentional approach to clothing, where every piece is seen not as another item in our wardrobe, but as a piece of art that is valued by us, and is valued by the people who make it. This results in garments of the highest quality with accountability and traceability - from the raw material to its final product, and the people behind the process.

Quality - Purpose - Craftsmanship

Our brand originates from the belief that clothing made with purpose, with an emphasis on quality and craftsmanship, while keeping the wearer's comfort in mind should be the norm. Fashion should be relaxing as well as as an indicator of personal style. Fashion is pain? No oh, not any more.

Fabrics that breathe

Your skin breathes, so why shouldn't your clothes? We believe in wearing fabrics that let's our skin be as opposed to suffocating in fabrics with varying polyester/plastic content.

Materials We Use